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Contact us now to schedule your free trial class! Trial classes give you a beginner friendly introduction to our programs, available on Monday and Tuesday evenings; it’s obligation free, a great workout and you can see for yourself why everyone is talking about MMA! 

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Our Kings Academy delivers excellence in instruction and technique proven through competition.

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Want to train everyday? No worries, we now have kids and adult classes available every weekday, and a weekend open mat so you can train in your heart out!

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Shop our wide range of MMA gear, apparel and training accessories to take your martial arts to a new level.

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Kings was founded in June 2015. Our vision was to build a true MMA academy which offers world class instruction and impacts the community in a positive way. Our coaches represent the pinnacle of combat sport instruction in Australia, competing at the highest level, moving fighters through local to professional levels and providing a safe, exciting and enjoyable entry point for beginners.

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The facilities at Kings MMA are kept in pristine order; with premium equipment and apparel available in our store, you’ll have everything you need to get started today.

We welcome beginners and experienced competitors alike; our gym is host to many students, all with varied goals. So whether you’re looking for an activity to get you fit after work and give you a whole new social life, or are the person who wants to tackle the challenge of becoming a world champion, we will provide you with all our resources and support.


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