“What a great place to train no attitudes or ego’s.”

Stewart Durrant

Muay Thai Student

“A great place to come into being new to jiu jitsu. The team are friendly, and everyone is there to help each other improve.”

Patrick Murphy

BJJ Student

“Martial Arts has changed my life in many ways. At 45 if someone had suggested MMA to me 20 months ago I would have laughed in their face. But the crew at Kings were most accepting and welcoming, most of all patient as I build up my level of fitness and some skill to be on par with my much younger training partners. I love these guys like family. It’s a no ego, no bullshit, just hard training run by an awesome team.”

Jeremy Mack

Amateur MMA Fighter

“After I moved to Victoria, I found it quite hard settling in, until I found Kings mma. Within a very short time I found myself in a positive environment, surrounded by great people and training under awesome coaches, without which I’m sure I wouldn’t be where I am now and I’ve never been happier. Home is where the heart is and my heart is with kings.”

Jai Gleeson

Amateur MMA Fighter

“Awesome gym with amazing coaches, Hoshi has done a great job leading the team.”

Mark Reyment

Amateur MMA Fighter

“Bless this gym and all the people in it. It really is an inspirational place to be, everybody is really welcoming and passionate about what they practice. Great facilities too, 24/7 gym on hand with all the bells and whistles (sauna, functional training area, showers, etc). Plenty of mat space, MMA cage, bags, everything you need to train like a warrior.”

Dean Symons

Amateur MMA Fighter

“I love training with Kings because the coaches and fellow students are so invested and want to see you grow, it’s just great.”

Nic Adler

Amateur MMA Fighter

“Absolutely amazing place!! I walked in there 3 months ago just to do muay thai and now im doing mma and jiu jitsu as well. Thanks to all the coaches for making me feel part of the family. I love it at Kings and I’m in it for the long haul.”

Brad Shorney

MMA Student

“Kings is a place that you can find coaches with knowledge and experience, great people and an incredibly positive atmosphere which all comes together to make an absolutely awesome place to train.”

Brad Burchall

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Student